Saturday, August 20, 2011

Women of Ethiopia

Women in Ethiopia are incredibly strong. Life, for most of them, is tough. Hard work from morning to night. Frequent pregnancies and many children. Many have to go far to fetch water, carrying it on their heads and backs. Even women in the city need to be strong. With power-cuts a normal occurence, many get up at 1 am to cook food, since there is always electricity in the night. Others work hard with little pay in an office, just to make sure the children get an education.
Then, there are some Ethiopian women who have become famous. Most of us have heard about the marathon runners from Ethiopia. A number of them are women! One of them, Derartu Tulu, took time off to give birth and then made a come-back- twice! Talk about strong women! Others are White House chefs or super models. In other words, the whole spectrum is covered with Ethiopian women.
Like women in every part of the world, these women also have dreams. Often centered around the well-fare of their children. Just like us. Most of them want their children, especially their daughters, to have a better life than them.

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